Alex Vause

Alex Vause

In Orange is the New Black, Alex Vause (Laura Prepon) is Piper Chapman's ex-lover who gets them busted running drugs for an international cartel. No surprise that Piper is none too pleased when Alex shows up at her prison.

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  1. PillowFarts October 11, 2013 Reply

    This is so helpful. Im going as Alex this Halloween. But dont forget the prison name tag!

  2. Can you give me info on how to purchase this costume?

    • If you click on the above item links, they will redirect you to the sites where the items are sold. Have fun assembling your costume!

  3. This was so helpful in putting my costume together so far this year, thanks!
    But PS- ordered the rose tattoo listed here, it is way too small to work for an arm piece like Alex’s. Had to find another.

  4. hey amaris where did you find your
    arm band, if you dnt mind giving me
    the low down on where to get it. im
    also going as alex and really want to
    get the details right:)!!!!

  5. Arm tattoo* lol stupid auto correct

  6. Does anyone know where you can buy a good wig for her?

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