Axel from Kingdom Hearts

Axel (voiced in Japanese by Keiji Fujiwara and in English by Quinton Flynn) is one of the major characters and a temporary antagonist at this point, in the Kingdom Hearts series.

While he does return later as his Somebody, Lea, for this part of the series he is still considered a key member of Organization XIII. He is number VIII (8), and his title is The Flurry of Dancing Flames, due to his flame-based powers. He joined the Organization at the same time as Saix, as they were very close beforehand.

He has voluminous red spiky hair with a dark gradient running through it, and vibrant green eyes, lined with red eyeliner, and purple upside-down teardrops underneath them. He wears the standard black Organization cloak, with black leather gloves, black pants, and the same silver topped black boots. His weapons are a pair of multi-colored spiked chakrams, as a variation off of the frisbees he used to play with as a child.

Goro Akechi from Persona 5/Royal

Goro Akechi (voiced in Japanese by  Sōichirō Hoshi and in English by Robbie Daymond) is one of the major characters in the Persona 5 set of the franchise, featuring in the majority of the games in the 5 umbrella.

He is a well known TV personality, following the success of him as an up and coming detective despite still being in high school, much to his discomfort. Throughout Royal you get to experience him much more as a fleshed out character, meeting him for solo-hangouts at his favorite jazz bar and playing pool and darts with him, building many more layers into his relationship with the protagonist. Akechi briefly joins the Phantom Thieves, after being one of their biggest criticizers, though the major twist puts an end to that relatively quickly (Royal also expands on this, and adds an extra team dynamic).

He has shaggy, light-brown hair that he wears just above his shoulders, and his eyes are a lovely chocolate brown. The main outfit we see him in (not including the additional Royal outfit) consists of a white button-up shirt with a white tie covered in thin black stripes, and a light tan peacoat worn over top, with his badge affixed to the pocket, and a tiny pin on the the lapel. He wears black slacks with matching loafers, and the look is finished off with a pair of black leather gloves, which end up being very plot relevant later on.

missy kix from moshi monsters

Missy Kix from Moshi Monsters

Missy Kix is a character from the online role-playing game Moshi Monsters.  A celebrity from Moshimo City, Missy Kix also claims to be a secret agent.  She has light pink skin and darker pink hair she wears in a ponytail with yellow highlights at the front of her side swept bangs.  To create your Missy Kix costume, you’ll need striped leggings and a striped long-sleeved shirt in blue, red, and black.  Layer a black skirt and purple t-shirt with a pirate cat design over those, and then wear a black short-sleeved shirt unbuttoned.  Accessorize your look with chunky pink socks, a bright pink wig, black fingerless gloves, and pale pink sunglasses.  Lastly, make sure to grab a pair of red and white sneakers.

Blathers from Animal Crossing

Blathers is a character from the Nintendo game Animal Crossing. He is an owl that resides at the local museum in the game and accepts different items to add to it. He is a smart and friendly character that sleeps during the day just like any owl would.

To dress like Blathers, wear a brown argyle sweater vest, brown pants, striped red and yellow socks, a green bow tie and a brown dress shirt. If you want to go even further, make wings out of fabric and a yellow beak.

jessica riley from until dawn

Jessica Riley from Until Dawn

Jessica Riley (voiced by Meaghan Martin) is one of the eight playable characters in the horror video game Until Dawn.  Jess dreams of becoming a model and is Mike‘s girlfriend.  She wears her blonde hair in dutch braids, which you can replicate with a wig.  Jess’s outfit while outside consists of white boots, dark blue jeans, and a light blue jacket with a fur hood.  She wears a purple top and a white v-neck t-shirt beneath.

Detective Peach from Princess Peach: Showtime!

Detective Peach from Princess Peach: Showtime!

In Princess Peach: Showtime!, Detective Peach is one of the transformations that Princess Peach can take, granting her new abilities. In a twist, Peach is no longer the damsel-in-distress, but the hero squaring off against the evil Grape and the Sour Bunch.

emma from the quarry

Emma Mountebank from The Quarry

In the video game The Quarry, Emma Mountebank is one of nine camp counselors at Hackett’s Quarry summer camp.  She is one of the playable characters of the game.  She had a summer fling with Jason and is best friends with Abigail.  Emma has blonde shoulder-length hair she styles with curtain bangs and pulls into a ponytail.  Her outfit consists of black skinny jeans, white sneakers, and a green mock turtleneck crop top.  She wears a chain link lock necklace.

Vexen from Kingdom Hearts

Vexen (voiced in Japanese by Tatsuya Kando/Nachi Nozawa/Shigeru Chiba [game dependent] and in English by Derek Stephen Price) is part of the main group of antagonists in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

He is number IV(4) in Organization XIII, with the title of the Chilly Academic. His power specialty is fighting with ice, with his weapon being a shield, and he is the scientist of the Organization, especially responsible for being the one to craft the puppet body that Xion occupies.

Vexen has long, light blonde hair that he wears down to his mid-back, over top of the standard black Organization cloak, and his eyes are a vibrant green. The rest of the outfit is like the others, with black pants, gloves, and a pair of silver topped boots.

jake english from homestuck

Jake English from Homestuck

Jake English is a character in the MS Paint Adventures webcomic Homestuck.  He is from Pacific Island, which is also Jade Harley‘s home.  Jake has black hair and glasses.  He wears a white t-shirt with a green skull design, a white button-down shirt left open, white shorts, and white shoes.  You can add a black belt to your costume to emulate the dark band of the shorts he wears.

minecraft alex

Minecraft Alex

Alex is one of the available default characters of Minecraft.  She is a counterpart to Steve, with the same abilities.  Alex has ginger red hair worn in a side pony, and she wears a green top with a dark belt, brown pants, and black boots.  Her appearance is entirely pixellated, so splurging for a replica headpiece will help bring your costume to life.

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