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Canon Human Bill Cipher

On a charity stream, Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch sketched his headcanon of human Bill Cipher as a grotesque monster with snake eyes and rotten yellow teeth. This shook the fanbase who long depicted human Bill Cipher in their fan art as a svelte and suave human dressed to the nines.

Human Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls – created by Alex Hirsch – is an amazing show. It is one of the most creative series that Disney has aired in a really long time, involving a whole bunch of different spooky and mysterious subjects without getting too scary.

And while the series itself was wildly creative, its fans put their own unique spins on it. One such spin is the idea of Bill Cipher (the series’ main villain who is voiced by Alex Hirsch) as he would appear in human form. Bill’s appearance in the show is only ever that of a flat triangle with a top hat and one eye. But after one fan developed the idea of a human Bill, it took off among other fans until a general appearance was agreed on.

To cosplay as human Bill, you will need a yellow wig, black top hat, black bow tie, yellow vest and coat with tails, a white undershirt, black pants, and black boots. A cane and an eye patch are also good accessories.

The hard part of this costume, however, is the details. Bill’s arms and legs and black in his canonical form and so most fan versions have his arms and legs both black as a human. You can have your coat tailored so that the sleeves are black not yellow and then add gloves. Or you can remove the sleeves entirely and try to find a pair of shoulder-length gloves though they are very hard to find. A little bit of alteration can also put the lines on Bill’s jacket to mimic the bricks of his triangular variation as well as change out the buttons on your shirt for black ones.

Finally, you can use crafting wire to make your top hate float like Bill’s does. One of the wire can be glue to the interior of the hat while the other is attached to your coat collar.

Grunkle Stan

Stan Pines better known as Grunkle Stan (voiced by Alex Hirsch) is Dipper and Mabel’s great-uncle who runs the Mystery Shack in Gravity Falls, Oregon. He’s a gruff con-artist who exploits tourists’ belief in the local lore to make a quick buck.

Dipper Pines

In Gravity Falls, Dipper Pines (voiced by Jason Ritter) is sent with his twin sister Mabel to spend summer vacation with his great-uncle. While he’s upset about being in a small boring town at first, he soon finds that many mysteries and adventures await.

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