Alexis Tipton

Dominique de Sade from The Case Study of Vanitas

Dominique [Domi] (voiced in Japanese by Ai Kayano and in English by Alexis Tipton) is one of the major protagonists in the anime/manga series The Case Study of Vanitas, by Jun Mochizuki.

She is a vampire, much like the majority of the rest of the main cast of the series, and has been very close friends with NoƩ since they were kids. The main vampire governmental stronghold, Carbunculus Castle, has her currently employed as a knight.

Domi has long black hair that reaches down past her mid-back, and vibrant golden eyes. Her work outfit consists of a white military-styled jacket with pinkish-lavender lined coattails, black and gold accents, and a white and purple sash. Her undershirt is a high-collared black shirt with a matching bowed cravat topped by a vibrant gem. Her pants are white and mostly covered with thigh-high boots, with grey tops, and golden metallic heels and shoe tips. The rest of the look is finished off by dark pinkish-red gloves, and her trademark sword.

Mei Hatsume from My Hero Academia

Mei (voiced in Japanese by Shiori Sakurai and in English by Alexis Tipton) is one of the supporting characters in the anime/manga My Hero Academia.

She is part of the Support class at U.A. High School, and is very enthusiastic about creating more support items to help her schoolmates, even to the point where she essentially took over Power Loader’s entire lab with her creations.

Mei has golden eyes with targeting reticles in them to aid in the zoom of her quirk, and salmon pink hair worn in thick dreads, often topped by an elaborate goggle headset for labwork. For this outfit, she wears a black ribbed thick-strap tanktop, a pair of black coveralls that are worn half-off and tied around her waist, black ribbed socks, white slip on shoes, and metal-working gloves to finish it all off.

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