Lynn Loud Sr. from The Loud House

Lynn Loud, Sr. (voiced by Brian Stepanek) is the patriarch of the titular family at the heart of The Loud House.  Lynn is married to Rita and together they have eleven children including Lynn, Jr.  Lynn, Sr. loves his family but can also be stern when he needs to be.  He is terrified of spiders.  Lynn wears brown shoes and pants, as well as a green checkered dress shirt.  His dark green sweater has slightly darker patches at the elbows, which you can add to your costume with iron on elbow patches.

Susie Swanson from Family Guy

Susie Swanson (voiced by Sir Patrick Stewart) is the youngest member of the Swanson family on the animated series Family Guy.  Susie’s mother Bonnie remained comically pregnant for many seasons before Susie joined the cast alongside father Joe and brother Kevin.  Susie is a baby, which means she is sometimes depicted in only a diaper.  The outfit she most frequently wears, however, consists of a mint green tank top and pink shorts.  Use a short blonde wig to style your hair, using a bow hair tie to secure it.  A pair of nude colored shoes can help imitate her barefoot appearance on the show.

sylvester the cat from looney tunes

Sylvester the Cat from Looney Tunes

Sylvester J. Pussycat, Sr. (originally voiced by Mel Blanc) is one of the Looney Tunes.  A black and white cat, Sylvester has a lisp and uses the catchphrase, “Sufferin’ succotash,” often during his skirmishes with Tweety Bird.  To recreate Sylvester’s look, you have a few choices.  Replica costumes do exist which include a full-head mask designed to closely resemble the cartoon character.  Pair this with white animal paw gloves and slippers to complete the look.  Alternately, if full-face masks aren’t your thing, you could use a black and white onesie with the same gloves and slippers, and simply add a black and white cat tail and ears to your costume.  As long as you take the time to memorize Sylvester’s signature phrase, there will be no doubt which cat you’re trying to emulate.

elvis cridlington from fireman sam

Elvis Cridlington from Fireman Sam

Elvis Cridlington (voiced by several actors including Steven Kynman and Andrew Hodwitz) is a character from the long-running BBC show Fireman Sam.  He is a firefighter at Pontypandy Fire Station.  Elvis is brave, but easily excitable, which can sometimes get him into trouble with his strict Station Officer.  Elvis dons several uniforms throughout the course of the series, so when crafting your costume, be sure to focus on finding reflective work gear in shades of blue and yellow.  No matter which season you choose to recreate, don’t forget your sturdy black boots and yellow helmet with face shield.

rusty rivets from rusty rivets

Rusty Rivets

Rusty Rivets (voiced by Kyle Breitkopf) is the titular main character of the Nickelodeon cartoon Rusty Rivets.  A young mechanic and inventor, Rusty creates his own contraptions from salvaged parts.  Rusty has dark blue-black hair that he wears slicked back.  His outfit consists of blue pants, an orange shirt with a lightning bolt design, grey gloves, and grey and teal sneakers with orange laces.  He also wears a grey utility belt and goggles.  For his shirt, you can use black fabric markers to recreate the emblem on the front.  Swap out a dull pair of boot laces with orange ones for an extra finishing touch.

Lars from Go Jetters

Lars is a member of the Go Jetters, a group of four heroes who travel the world in the British animated children’s series. Lars is the resident expert mechanic who can fix just about anything. Even though he’s British, he loves the Eiffel Tower in France. His catchphrase is “Geographic!”

mittens fluff n stuff from lalaloopsy

Mittens Fluff ‘n’ Stuff from Lalaloopsy

Mittens Fluff ‘n’ Stuff (voiced by Paige Stone) is a main character on the Nick Jr. show Lalaloopsy, based on the toy line of the same name.  She loves snow fights, hot cocoa, and her younger sister Bundles Snuggle Stuff.  Mittens has blue hair which you can recreate one of two ways.  The first is to take a yarn-like wig and style it into pigtails.  If the doll look isn’t as important to you, a blue wig with pigtail extensions might be a closer color match.  Then, layer a pair of striped socks under bloomers and a tutu, and choose the striped shirt you think looks best to wear under a furry white vest.  Finish your costume with a pair of white knit boots and two white hair bows to secure your pigtails.

Momoko Akatsutsumi from Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z

Momoko Akatsutsumi from Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z

Momoko Akatsutsumi (voiced by Emiri Katou and Nicole Bouma) is the self-proclaimed leader of PowerPuff Girls Z in the anime series Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z.  Momoko’s alter ego is Hyper Blossom.  She has bangs and long hair that she wears in a high ponytail with a pink bow.  Her Hyper Blossom costume is mostly pink.  You can recreate her look with a pink dress or a skirt and blouse if you can’t find a dress that fits your needs.  If you’d like to add the navy details to the neck and hemline, use duct tape.  You’ll need to remove the sleeves from a pale pink and white letterman jacket; you can add the “P” by using iron-on letters.  Accessorize your costume with fingerless gloves, pink and white wristbands, a choker necklace, and earrings.  Lastly, don a pair of pink and white high tops and a white belt slung low on your hips.

marine from les sisters

Marine Mauri from Les Sisters

Marine Mauri (voiced by Kelly Marot) is one half of the titular siblings in the French cartoon Les Sisters.  Though Marine often needles her older sister Wendy, she also looks up to her, and the two share a lot of love for each other.  Unlike her sister, Marine has honey blonde hair and wears mostly green.  Her outfit includes a green long-sleeved shirt with a heart design, dark green pants, and light green sneakers.  You can recreate her look by purchasing a similar shirt, even if it isn’t an exact match, or opt to use an iron-on decal to spruce up a plain green shirt instead.

camille toh from sausage party

Camille Toh from Sausage Party

Camille Toh (voiced by Lauren Miller-Rogen) is a minor character in the adult animated film Sausage Party.  She purchases groceries early in the film, leading to Frank and Brenda’s freedom from their previously shelved lives.  Camille has red hair she styles with a purple headband.  Her clothing consists of a white short-sleeved blouse, a purple vest, and mint green pants.  She finishes her look with a belt, hoop earrings, and purple high heels.

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