Damien Chazelle

Nellie LaRoy from Babylon

Nellie LaRoy is played by Margot Robbie in the film Babylon, directed by Damien Chazelle. Babylon is a epic period drama set in 1920s Hollywood and how it went from silent pictures to having sound. In the film we follow Nellie LaRoy as she follows her dream of becoming a famous actress and once successful, learns about the dark side of the industry.

Nellie LaRoy’s Wardrobe is one that changes throughout the film as she becomes successful. We first see her in this iconic red outfit that looks like she could’ve put together herself. Recreate this with the full costume or put it together yourself with red light-weight scarves, red shorts, and fashion tape. Another costume that matches her wild personality are the overalls she wears after a party scene- just a dark wash denim pair of overalls with a wide leg. Finally, another great costume to recreate is the costume she wears on set during her first picture with sound. She wears a green and white preppy outfit with suspenders and a tie.

Sebastian from La La Land

Sebastian is a character from the film La La Land, directed by Damien Chazelle and is played by Ryan Gosling. Sebastian is the love interest of the protagonist, Mia Dolan. Sebastian is a jazz enthusiast and aspires to open his own club for it.

Sebastian’s costumes are all very classic and 1950s style inspired. He wears mostly suits and ties, always a dress shirt. The colors he sticks to are black, white, and yellow- complimenting Mia’s costume and the colorful sets in the background.