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Marty from Papa Louie

Marty is the laid-back guitartist for Scarlett and the Shakers. When he’s not rocking with his band he’s manning the grill at Papa’s Burgeria or enjoying some Atomic Sauce on his favorite Papa Louie creations!

Atomic sauce – or Marty’s signature burger guitar – is a little hard to find. But the rest of his costume is not. A spiky blonde wig and blonde soul patch get you started. From there you need a denim vest and a pair of jeans in the same light denim color. Add in a red and white striped shirt, a grey belt, and black converse and you’re all set!

Rudy from Papa Louie

Depending on which game you play, Rudy is either a Closer or a chef in Papa Louie’s kitchen. Outside of work he likes to rock hard and satisfy his sweet tooth.

Rudy’s outfit outside of work really reflects his preference for rock music. A bald cap and fake mohawk give you his hair style while white sunglasses and a black belt are his only accessories. His black overshirt has jagged edges where the sleeves have been ripped at the elbow and blue spades on either upper arm that can be added with dark blue felt cut into shape and either pinned or glued in place. His undershirt is dark blue with a black spade on the chest that you can apply with fabric paint. Finally white jeans and black converse with blue laces round out the outfit.

For added accessories you can always grab a bass guitar (if you have one) or a bear claw from the nearest bakery. They are his favorites, after all!

Clover from Papa Louie

Clover from Papa Louie

Clover is a customer and later employee of Papa Louie’s. She is in the band Scarlett and the Shakers with other well-known Papa Louie franchise characters like her big brother Marty and their friends, Rudy and Scarlett.

Like the other members of her band, Clover’s clothes reflect her love of rock music. She wears her blonde hair short and spiked back with a black and white checkered headband. Her clothes consist of a button up short sleeve white black shirt, a white tie, a checkered belt that matches her headband, a white skirt, black leggings, and white sneakers. You’ll have to paint the toes of the shoes black to match. And of course her costume wouldn’t be complete without a set of drumsticks!

Scarlett from Papa Louie

Scarlett from Papa Louie

Scarlett is the lead singer in the backĀ Scarlett and the Shakers. Along with Marty, Rudy, and Clover, she is not only a rock star but one of Papa Louie’s faithful customers that eventually become his faithful employees.

To get Scarlett’s look start with a red wig and tie it back with a black tied headband. White heart earrings and a black leather belt are her only accessories. Getting the rest of her look, though, requires a little DIY. You can use red fabric pain to add hearts around the hem of a white denim vest and white fabric paint to add dashes around the sleeves of a black t-shirt. A red long sleeve shirt finishes off her layered tops while black and red check pants pair with black sneakers and red laces to complete the overall look. Just add a microphone and you’re good to go!