Ghost Hunt

Kazuya Shibuya (Naru) from Ghost Hunt

Kazuya [also known as Naru] (voiced in Japanese by Yuuki Tai and in English by Todd Haberkorn) is one of the main characters in the anime/manga Ghost Hunt.

He is the one that hires Mai to work for Shibuya Psychic Research, which he also owns, because he initially demanded that she work to repay the equipment she broke and the injury she caused. The nickname ‘Naru’ is one that Mai gave him, as an abbreviation for ‘narcissist’.

His whole appearance is very monochromatic, with dark blue-grey eyes, short black hair, and his whole outfit is dark tones. He wears a black button up with a black jacket over top, black slacks, and dark brown shoes.

Mai Taniyama from Ghost Hunt

Mai Taniyama (voiced in Japanese by Kaori Nazuka and in English by Cherami Leigh) is one of the main characters in the anime Ghost Hunt.

She ends up getting thrown into the world of ghost hunting by accidentally injuring Kazuya Shibuya’s assistant, Lin, and having to sub in for him. Even though it was completely circumstantial, she ended up becoming a very valuable member of the team, and started being able to use her own latent psychic powers.

Mai has short, chin length light brown hair, and big, soft looking brown eyes. The outfit we see her in on most promotional material is her school’s uniform, a long sleeved white uniform top with a red bow and sailor collar, a cream button up jacket over top, a black pleated skirt, matching thigh high black socks, and brown loafers. (I included two uniform sets if you want to mix and match)

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