hong chau

Jo from Showing Up

Jo is a character from the film Showing Up, and is played by Hong Chau. Showing Up follows an introverted art student and a sculptor named Lizzy, who is preparing for her exhibition as she struggles with finding balance with her creative work and everyday struggles, and the unexpected friend she finds in a pigeon she nurses back to health. Jo is also an art student working on an exhibition, but she is very accomplished and extroverted.

Jo dresses in more saturated colors with lots of blues, like her costume on the tire swing with blue jeans, a blue sweatshirt, yellow bandana, and crocs. At Lizzy’s art exhibit she wears a little more of a sophisticated or mature deeper blue maxi dress.

Lady Trieu from HBO’s Watchmen

Lady Trieu (played by Hong Chau) is the smartest woman in the world when she is introduced in HBO’s Watchmen series. However, much like her father, she can also be narcissistic and cruel. Lady Trieu’s signature look consists of cream and white colored fabrics with long sleeves, high necklines, and gloves.

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