Hunter Schafer

Jules Vaughn from Euphoria

Jules Vaughn played by Hunter Schafer is a teen trans-woman who has just moved to East Highland with her father. She is creative and dresses the part with an interest in fashion design. She meets Rue Bennet and the two form a deep friendship very fast that soon turns to romance. Jules is still figuring herself out and experimenting with her sexuality throughout the show while Rue has kept infatuated with only her. Jule’s style is cute and colorful with bright unique makeup. In this image, Jules has cloud-like wings drawn in white liner over her lids. You can apply that on top of a light nude shadow. (Search ‘Jules Vaughn cloud liner’ so you can get a close-up image to mimic the look. The lip topper will give your lips an extra shiny pop. Add some pink pomade at the ends of your hair. If you don’t have long hair and wish to use a wig apply the pomade to the wig. This costume is great for early fall and can be a comfortable casual look.