kids cartoon

Comet from Astroblast!

Comet (voiced by Vinnie Penna) is the protagonist of Astroblast! Known for his loud, exciting personality, he is the leader of the space crew. Although he can be a bit conceited at times. Comet reads lots of comic books and loves to play with his action figures.

Matt from Cyberchase

Matt is one of the three main characters of Cyberchase on PBS Kids. He is part of the Cybersquad alongside Inez, Jackie, and Digit. He is an eleven year old boy who lives on Earth. His interests include sports and Greek mythology. His red backpack contains helpful objects to go into the technological Cyberspace.


Inez from Cyberchase

Inez is one of the three main characters of Cyberchase on PBS Kids. She is a Latina girl who lives on Earth. Inez is part of the Cybersquad alongside Matt, Jackie, and Digit. At nine years old, she’s the youngest member of the bunch. She loves to read, in which she often quotes from books. Inez possesses a wide vocabulary, and can speak both English and Spanish. Iron on the star patch in the middle of the pink shirt, and you’re set!

caillou from caillou


Four-year-old Caillou (voiced by Annie Bovaird) is the bald-headed protagonist of the Canadian PBS Kids’ show Caillou.  Caillou is often considered the bane of parents of young children because his antics on the show are considered spoiled and bratty by many adults.  Caillou’s outfit consists of bright primary colors.  If you choose to include a hat like Caillou’s, you can purchase a novelty baseball cap with multicolored panels like the one shown here and remove the propeller, as finding a standard cap with multicolor panels can be difficult.

becky botsworth from wordgirl

Becky Botsford from WordGirl

Becky Botsford / WordGirl (voiced by Dannah Phirman) is the titular character of the PBS show WordGirl. Becky is an alien from the planet Lexicon who uses her super powers including an enhanced vocabulary and intellect to protect her adopted hometown of Fair City.  Becky wears a green v-neck sweater and a purple skirt, while she dons a red bodysuit and yellow cape when working as WordGirl.

ruff ruffman from fetch

Ruff Ruffman from FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman

Ruff Ruffman (voiced by Jim Conroy) is the titular talk show host of the PBS Kids’ show FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman, a reality-based game show where children competed for prizes.  Ruff is a chubby dog with an outgoing personality.  To dress like him, you’ll want an oversized costume, a pair of round glasses, and some face paint crayons to complete the dog-like transformation.

Sister Bear from Berenstain Bears

Sister Bear is the second child of Mama Bear and Papa Bear. Great at outdoors activities, a natural in sports, and being highly competitive make Sister Bear the spunky young bear she is. She also likes fairy tales and the color pink. She is growing up while learning lessons about sharing and the golden rule in the Berenstain Bears.

Miguel from Maya and Miguel

Miguel from Maya and Miguel

Miguel Santos is an athletic kid who likes to help the people around him. He tends to be more logical than his sister Maya, which is one reason why Maya comes to Miguel for help with her schemes. He ends up helping Maya since they are brother and sister, and best friends as well. Miguel is following his sister’s antics in Maya and Miguel.

Maya from Maya and Miguel

Maya Santos is lively and nurturing, but sometimes cares too much. Since she cares, she tends to meddle in other people’s problems believing she can help everyone. She usually includes her twin, Miguel, in her schemes to make things better as they are brother and sister, and best friends as well. Maya comes up with ideas for everyone’s problems regularly in Maya and Miguel.

Peg from Peg + Cat

Peg from Peg + Cat

In Peg + Cat, Peg (voiced by Hayley Faith Negrin) is a young girl who, with her taking indigo cat named Cat, solve “big problems” every week with the help of math and science. Peg likes to break out in song with her ukelele, and keeps a special blue marble under her red hat.

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