The Nurse from Dead by Daylight

Sally Smithson became a nurse at Crotus Prenn Asylum after she was widowed as a newlywed. After decades of abuse at the hands of patients and fellow staff, she strangled them all in one night and vanished. As the ghoulish Nurse, she serves the Entity of Dead by Daylight as a killer, teleporting across the playing field using the last breaths she stole from her victims. The Nurse carries a hacksaw and wears a white dress. Her appearance is made all the more creepy by the white hood she wears over her face. You can purchase a zentai hood or use a white pillowcase for this part of her costume, as either will evoke the same terrifying effect.

The Wraith from Dead by Daylight

The Wraith, whose real name is Philip Ojomo, is one of the original trio of killers introduced in the video game Dead by Daylight. Ojomo was an immigrant fleeing conflict in his homeland of Nigeria who had the misfortune of working at a mob-owned junkyard. Eventually, Ojomo realized the cars he was being asked to crush had people inside and he had been used as a pawn to dispose of their bodies. Horrified, Ojomo put his boss in the crusher and killed him. He then pulled his boss’ head and spine from his body, which became the weapon known as Azarov’s Skull, now used by the Wraith as his primary weapon. If you’re willing to shell out some big bucks, you can find replicas of this weapon for your costume. Otherwise, it may take a little creativity, but with a little patience, you can create a lookalike yourself by disassembling a plastic skeleton and gluing a fake blade into the skull portion. Likewise, you could purchase a pre-made mask or DIY one with a twisted-looking tree mask and some skill with a paintbrush.


In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Leatherface is a chainsaw-wielding, psychopathic murder who has a taste for human flesh. He and his inbred family hunt down victims and turn them into practical items like housebuilding materials and meat for BBQ and chili. Probably the scariest thing about Leatherface is that the fact that he was inspired by real life killer Ed Gein, who wore a mask of human skin.

Ghostface from Scream

In the Scream series, Sidney Prescott is the target of Ghostface, a masked murderer who torments her by killing the people around her. The Scream series revived the horror genre in the 90’s by incorporating humor and by its acknowledgment of horror movie cliches.

Anton Chigurh

In No Country for Old Men, Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem) is a cold-blooded killer with a strange appearance and stranger weapon of choice. He also plays a mean game of heads-or-tails. Call it, friend-o.

Dexter Morgan

A blood splatter analyst by day and a serial killer by night, Dexter Morgan walks the line between super villain and superhero. Whether you see his lifestyle choice as good or evil, you can’t deny he looks good doing it.

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