Lily Hoshina

Lily Hoshina from B the Beginning

Lily (voiced in Japanese by Asami Seto and in English by Faye Mata) is one of the main characters in the Netflix original anime series, B the Beginning.

She is part of the Royal Investigative Services (R.I.S.) and works for them as a detective, alongside Keith. Her family specializes in creating stringed instruments, though she hasn’t followed in this path. Koku, the main character, works at the shop, so she treats him like part of her family. Her main focus during the series is working on solving the Killer B case, until she gets a little too close to danger.

Lily has blackish-brown hair that she often wears in a low ponytail, and similarly colored eyes, with just a bit of a lighter brown tinge to them. Her usual outfit consists of a simple white 3/4 sleeve shirt, with a brown-toned red R.I.S. jacket over top, and a pair of tight teal pants. She wears slouched dark-grey boots, a simple grey watch, and a belt/thigh holster combination for her gun.

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