love death and robots

Wes from Love, Death, & Robots

In the first episode of the animated scifi anthology series Love, Death, and Robots, called Sonnie’s Edge, Wes (voiced by Omid Abtahi) along with Ivrina are friends of Sonnie. After they find Sonnie brutally assaulted by a gang, Wes uses his hacking skills to transfer her consciousness into a bio-beast named Khanivore which battles in underground “beastie” deathmatches and seeks to exact revenge.

The Witness from Love, Death, & Robots

In the third episode of LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS called “The Witness”, a woman who just gets off her shift at a strip club witnesses a brutal murder across from the hotel she’s staying at. When the murderer spots her, a game of cat-and-mouse begins through the streets of a surreal city. For the Witness’s makeup, apply makeup messily on your face and sparkly purple paint liberally on your arms.

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