magical doremi

Reanne from Magical DoReMi

Reanne Griffith (Hazuki Fujiwara) is shy and studious. Despite being shy, Reanna is sweet, friendly, and can get stern if witnessing what she believes is unjust. Her world changes when she and Mirabelle become witch apprentices with their friend Dorie. She helps keep the secret of magic and their training in Magical DoReMi (Ojamajo Doremi).

Mirabelle from Magical DoReMi

Mirabelle Haywood (Aiko Senoo) is a transfer student. Her father’s work is the reason she had to move, which turned out to be a great thing. Mirabelle’s boldness is matched by her sense of humor. She is mature when she is not joking around, and knows how to think of others. After Mirabelle makes friends with Dorie and Reanne, the trio begin witch training in Magical DoReMi (Ojamajo Doremi).

Dorie from Magical DoReMi

Dorie Goodwyn (Doremi Harukaze) is an energetic magic enthusiast. She also thinks she is the unlikeliest girl in the world. Dorie is not the best student, but it’s a different story when it comes to magic. Dorie, along with her friends Reanne and Mirabelle, are practicing to become the greatest witches ever in Magical DoReMi (Ojamajo Doremi).