Rai from Kingdom Hearts 2

Rai (voiced in Japanese by Kazuya Nakai and in English by Brandon Adams) is a prominent character in the Twilight Town world in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

He, like his friends Fuu and Vivi, are part of Seifer’s self-created and run Disciplinary Committee in Twilight Town. Like the others, he is also a repurposed Final Fantasy character (VIII specifically), though in a much younger role. He’s mainly the muscle of the group, where Fuu is the logic.

Rai has short blackish-brown hair with sideburns and a bit of chin scruff, and similarly colored eyes. He wears a bright orange tank-top with black and white detailing, and a large chain necklace with a lightning bolt at the end. His pants are a pair of black sports sweats, with orange bands running down the sides, and a white outlined number 8 on the leg. The look is finished with blue and white wristbands, and yellow, black, and white shoes.

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