robin tunney

Teresa Lisbon from The Mentalist

Teresa Lisbon (played by Robbin Tunney) is a long-suffering, hard-boiled detective working for the California Bureau of Investigation, leading a team that includes the incorrigible mentalist, Patrick Jane. Lisbon’s hard-as-nails, by-the-book personality is tested over and over again by Jane as they learn to work with each other over several seasons of The Mentalist. Her business-casual style usually encompasses boot-cut trousers, a basic tucked-in top, and a black jacket — either an office-friendly blazer or leather jacket. She’s rarely seen without her crucifix necklace, symbolic of the religious upbringing she counts among her many strongly-held convictions.

Sarah Bailey from The Craft

Sarah Bailey (Robin Tunney) is the new girl who moves to the Catholic school in 1996’s The Craft. Being a natural-born witch, She overcomes her fear and becomes the strongest of the four by the end of the film. Of all the teen girls, her personality is full of morality and maturity, always being the clear-headed and logical one.

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