samara weaving

Melanie Cross from “Mayhem”

Melanie Cross (Samara Weaving) is a character in Mayhem, a movie that blends horror, comedy, action, and commentary on corporate evil. She is a client of Towers and Smythe Consulting who pleads for more time on a loan. Their lawyer, Derek Cho, turns her away and calls security on her. When the ID-7 virus spreads through the office, Derek and Melanie end up locked away together as a result of resisting security. They fight, but eventually they decide to work together to hold the higher ups responsible. Melanie’s choice of weapons are a hammer, power saw, and a nail gun, as pictured here. When the virus erases her inhibitions, she uses the rejection to fuel her vengeful killing spree.

Thea Preston from Bill and Ted Face the Music

Thea Preston (Samara Weaving) is the daughter of Wyld Stallyns rocker Bill S. Preston, cowriter-to-be of the greatest song of all time. Although her father and his best friend Ted Logan have yet to actually accomplish this feat, this hasn’t stopped Thea from inheriting her father’s musical talent (and then some, probably from her mother’s side) and penchant for unusual fashion.
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Grace (the Bride) from Ready or Not

Grace (the Bride) from Ready or Not

In Ready or Not, Grace (Samara Weaving) must survive a deadly game of hide and seek with her affluent in-laws on her wedding night. While her husband’s family may think her easy prey, Grace must summon all of her strength and courage in order to survive. Grace’s delicate bridal look gets a makeover with more practical shoes, a torn off hemline for easy running, and a powerful weapon to help her fight back.

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