Sharon Stone

Lori from Total Recall

Lori played by Sharon Stone in Total Recall is a major antagonist. She is a spy working for Vilos Cohaagen and pretending to be Douglas Quaid‘s devoted wife. Lori is in the middle of exercise when  Doug rushes home after a Rekall appointment turned to violence. He exclaims to Lori his friends and others were now trying to kill him. Lori tells him to stay calm leaves the room to go get help. She returns with bullets and starts shooting at him. Lori tells Quaid he has had a memory implant before and years of his memories are simply fictional. Lori was never his wife to begin with and simply was there to keep an eye on him. Lori tries to trick him one last time and tells Quaid that she would like to show him what kind of woman she really is. Quaid does not trust her and soon realizes she has called for back up. He knocks Lori out and escapes. One of the men approaching turns out to be Lori’s real husband Richter. Lori wears Jane Fondaesque work out gear and mixes bright colors with suspender leggings. This costume is a simple easy choice for Halloween night or any sci-fi movie convention.

Catherine Tramell from Basic Instinct

In the erotic thriller Basic Instinct, Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone) is the prime suspect in the brutal murder of a rock star, who was stabbed to death with an ice pick during sex. Tramell is brought in for interrogation by detective Nick Curran (Michael Douglas). She remains cool under pressure, smoking in the interrogation room, taunting the male officers with her tight dress, and slyly exposing herself in the famous scene. Complete the look that put Sharon Stone on the map with gold earrings, ring, and bangle bracelet.

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