the last of us

Sarah from The Last of Us (HBO)

Sarah Miller (played by Nico Parker) is Joel‘s daughter in the HBO video game adaptation The Last of Us.  Sarah is kind and generous, teasing her father on his birthday while making him breakfast and taking time to have his watch repaired as a gift.  Unfortunately, Sarah meets an untimely demise at the very beginning of the pandemic which sets the series in motion.  Sarah wears pale jeans with some doodled decorations on the right leg, but the defining aspect of her outfit is her Halican Drops t-shirt.  She also uses a purple backpack and wears a few adjustable bracelets on her left wrist, as well as a shark tooth necklace.

Joel from The Last of Us 2

Joel Miller is a character in The Last of Us video game franchise. In The Last Of Us II, he is only briefly playable compared to the first game. After losing his only daughter earlier in the outbreak, he became a ruthless, cynical smuggler. He then becomes Ellie’s protector, and they develop a close bond that softens them both. He takes care of her similar to how he took care of his own daughter. In the second game, he gifts Ellie with an  acoustic guitar after playing and singing a song for her. When Ellie finds out Joel lied about the hospital, their relationship fractures. Unfortunately, Joel never gets a chance to repair their relationship, as he gets killed by Abby.

Ellie from The Last of Us 2

Ellie is a character from The Last of Us video game franchise. In the sequel, The Last of Us II, she becomes the playable protagonist. Five years later, she is now nineteen years old and incredibly mature as a result of the environment. Compared to prior gameplay, her capabilities with firearms has greatly improved, able to handle a large variety of guns with ease. Newfound strength and resourcefulness enables her to craft arrows and use large melee weapons like machetes and hammers. When fighting up close, her preferred weapon is a switchblade. Ellie also learns how to swim and play the acoustic guitar, which was a gift from Joel.

Firefly from The Last of Us

Fireflies from The Last of Us

The Fireflies are a paramilitary group of antagonistic rebels in The Last of Us and its sequel. They fought against military control in quarantine zones and sought a cure to CBI on their own. Though they are more organized than other rebel groups, their uniforms do vary from person to person based on what they can get their hands on. Every member, however, has the Firefly symbol somewhere on their gear.

There are two sets of paramilitary clothes pictured above. One is more of a woodland set while the other would be good in urban or snowy climates where cooler colors would blend in well. Both sets can be turned into Firefly gear through the use a Firefly patch on the clothing, decal on the gear, or dog tag added to the outfit.

Riley Abel from the Last of Us

In The Last of Us, Riley Abel is a 15-year-old survivor and best friends with Ellie. She dislikes the military and sides with the radical Fireflies, but that won’t come between her and Ellie.

Sarah from The Last of Us

In The Last of Us, 12-year-old Sarah wakes up in the middle of the night just in time to see her dad Joel shoot a neighbor that breaks through their door. He tells her that they have to leave the house right away. He doesn’t even give Sarah enough time to put on her shoes.

Tess from The Last of Us

In The Last of Us, Tess works with Joel to make a living as smugglers. They’re partners, and maybe a bit more. For this costume, you’ll have to cut the sleeves and distress the jeans yourself — but hopefully not by running from zombies.

Joel from The Last of Us

In The Last of Us, Joel is a violent and ruthless smuggler hired to escort 14-year-old Ellie out of the safe quarantine zone and across the danger-filled country. The things we do for a paycheck, eh?

Ellie from The Last of Us

In the Playstation 3 game The Last of Us, a 20-year pandemic has decimated civilization, leaving infected humans and survivors to kill each other for food and weapons. 14-year-old Ellie is prepared to escape the quarantine zone and cross the post-apocalyptic landscape – after all, she’s brought an empty backpack!

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