vampire knight

Zero Kiryu from Vampire Knight

Zero Kiryu is the secondary main character in the anime Vampire Knight. He is part of the Day Class, though he is secretly a vampire. Together with Yuki Cross, he protects the human students from the vampire students. He is also a vampire hunter, and his tattoo, called the Hunter’s Seal, is used to suppress and tame his vampiric nature. He struggles with his desire for blood and his equally strong desire to kill those of his kind. While he usually cold-hearted and hostile, he shows his real emotions to Yuki, and feels very protective of her. Throughout the series, they develop a romantic relationship and eventually have a daughter named Ren.

Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight

Yuki Cross is the main protagonist of the anime series Vampire Knight. She attends Cross Academy. Alongside her friend Zero, she serves as Guardian of the Day Class. This is because the Night Class are actually vampires! She is cheerful and caring with a warm smile. This is her outfit when she is part of the Day Class. If you prefer a more accurate Artemis (her scythe), you can make one from foam and a long dowel. Other options for weapons include fake guns or nunchucks.

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