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Boris the Teeth Guy from Goanimate

Boris the Teeth Guy is one of the antagonists of Goanimate.  Boris is an extremely loud and angry character who yells constantly.  Boris a “teeth person,” and is red with a large mouth.  His clothes consist of red shoes, blue pants, and a green hoodie.  You can make the drawstrings of the hoodie red with fabric paint.  You’ll also need red face paint for your face and red gloves.

Cecilia the Murder Machine

Cecilia the Murder Machine (voiced by Emirichu) is a doll with sharp metallic claws for hands who has a penchant for killing characters for children’s shows like Peppa the Pig. Also known as the Doll from Hell or the Nightmare with Claws, Cecilia is the main mascot of MOONSHINE ANIMATIONS, a stop-motion animation YouTube channel run by Kim Mun Ki.

Mercury from Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls

Mercury from Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls

Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls is a cartoon concept that was pitched to Hasbro by Lauren Faust. Although Hasbro passed on it, it eventually morphed into the highly successful My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. MWGG is inspired by the 90’s Strawberry Shortcake series, with a dash of the anime Sailor Moon, with the girls as the personification of different planets. Mercury’s winged sneaker-skates propel her through the cosmos in a shimmery silver flash at the speed of light.

benatar from your favorite martian

Benatar from Your Favorite Martian

Benatar (voiced by Ray William Johnson with Jesse Cale providing his singing voice) is a supporting character in the web series Your Favorite Martian.  A member of the titular band, Benatar suffers some rougher treatment from bandmates Puff Puff and Axel, but it doesn’t seem to bother him much.  To recreate Benatar’s look, you’ll need black pants and a blue suit jacket with a red tie.  He also has blonde hair that sweeps over his eyes, so you might need to take a little time to style your hair or a wig.  Lastly, if you don’t already have a keytar, they can be quite expensive, so don’t shy away from a toy or inflatable version instead of the real thing to complete the look.

paul from eddsworld

Paul from Eddsworld

Paul (voiced by and based upon Paul ter Voorde) is a recurring character in the web cartoon Eddsworld.  Paul looks a lot like Patryck, but is distinguishable by his extremely thick eyebrows and the fact that he almost always carries a cigarette with him.  Paul’s look consists primarily of a blue military-style jacket with a high collar, which you can layer over grey pants and boots.  If you don’t have the messy brown hair, a wig can work instead, just be sure to give it a good muss as a finishing touch to your costume.

patryck from eddsworld

Patryck from Eddsworld

Patryck (voiced by and based upon Patryck Dudulewicz) is a recurring character in the webtoon Eddsworld.  Sharing some aesthetic similarities with Paul, Patryck wears his hair parted down the middle and his red turtleneck can pretty much always be seen poking out from his blue coat.  Paul often carries rifle strapped to his back; an airsoft version, or other toy counterpart, can help really sell the finished look.

Jon from Eddsworld

Jon (voiced by Eddie Bowley) was one of Edd‘s neighbors on the webtoon series Eddsworld.  Jon lived with Eduardo and Mark and is eventually killed by Tord‘s robot, returning as a ghost in a post-credits scene.  Jon had dark blonde hair pushed toward the front of his head and wore dark grey jeans with grey and white sneakers.  He typically wore a blue button-down over a grey t-shirt.  If you’d like a twist to the original design, dressing as Ghost Jon can be achieved with a little layering of teal clothes over a bodysuit and some creative sad face art skills using fabric markers.

future edd from eddsworld

Future Edd from Eddsworld

Future Edd (voiced by Edd Gould) is a villain in the web cartoon Eddsworld intent on killing his past self to avoid a bad life.  Future Edd dresses much like his younger self, though with a markedly darker overall look.  He also sports a heavy trench coat and a scruffy beard.  To recreate the beard, if you’re unwilling to grow one of your own, you can use a brown pencil meant for filling in eyebrows to give yourself a faux five o’clock shadow.

puff puff humbert from yfm

Puff Puff Humbert from Your Favorite Martian

Puff Puff Humbert (voiced by Ray William Johnson) is the lead singer of the fictitious cartoon band at the heart of Your Favorite Martian.  Puff Puff’s design has undergone some changes over the years, particularly during a rebranding period for the show when it was revived in 2022.  His latest iteration includes spiky, asymmetrical hair, and black-framed glasses in an octagonal shape.  Top off your simple costume with a microphone and your favorite YFM tunes to really sell the experience.

davemadson from davemadsons lt parodies

Dave Madson from davemadson’s LT Parodies

Dave Madson is the creative mind behind the YouTube channel and series davemadson’s LT parodies, a parody cartoon account.  Dave’s animation style is simplistic and relies on flat colors, making for an easy costume assembly.  To look like Dave from the LT parody episodes, you’ll need a black wig, red hat, grey shirt, and blue pants.  Top the outfit off with white high tops and black sunglasses.  If you’re not interested in growing a pencil mustache of your own, a black eyebrow pencil will suffice to draw one on.

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