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Lucy from Fallout (Wedding Gown)

A new TV series has been going viral online for its spot-on live action adaptation of the video game franchise Fallout that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. This series depicts the aftermath of The Great War of 2077, where survivors take refuge in fallout shelters or Vaults, which are actually all created as different experiments on the people who live in them. It follows a woman named Lucy who leaves Vault 33 to find her father in the dangerous wasteland of what is left of Los Angeles. She runs into a Ghoul bounty hunter, originally named Cooper Howard. He was a film actor before the war. In this guide I’ll be covering her costume from Episode 1, which takes on a transformation itself: going from a clean wedding dress to a bloodied and battle-ready one.

To dress like Lucy in her wedding costume in episode one, wear a 50s style retro white wedding dress as the base. For the one linked here, remove the sleeves for a more screen-accurate look. Adding a white petticoat will also give the skirt that fuller look. With this, pair a white clip-in veil, white retro heels, and a sunflower bouquet.

For the version in the later half of the episode where she gets to fighting, use red fabric paint for the blood stain on her dress. Black acrylic or fabric paint can be added at different layers towards the center for a more realistic look. To mimic the belt across her chest, you can wear a bullet belt/ sash. She also wears a contraption on her wrist that we continue to see throughout the series that in the game is called a Pipboy 3000, and like the one linked below, artists sell various versions of the prop they create online. Either wear a wig or style your hair like Lucy’s and add some red splatters on your face and arms to take the look even further.

Giselle from Enchanted

Giselle is a character from the 2007 Disney film enchanted, and is played by Amy Adams. Enchanted follows Giselle, a princess who is banished by an evil queen and has to go from her animated world to the real world.

In one scene Giselle wears a poofy white wedding dress in the city. This can be recreated with a white wedding dress with poofy short sleeves, a white petticoat for volume, and a white ruffled skirt to layer under the dress that will show through the slit in the skirt. She pairs this with a silver necklace, tiara, and white satin gloves.

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