Franklin Franklin

In Small Apartments, Franklin Franklin (Matt Lucas) is an overweight, hairless recluse who wears little more than tightey whiteys and a selection of wigs. The clogs and alphorn can be explained by his obsession with Switzerland. The rest of it, who knows?

Log Lady

Dressed in earth tones and red glasses, the Log Lady could easily pass as anyone’s peculiar aunt or even Sally Jessy Raphael’s doppelganger. However, it’s her timber fashion accessory that really sets her apart. Of course, we don’t expect you to scour the woods for a clairvoyant log. You can just use your imagination on that one.

Tobias Fünke

Tobias Fünke was at one point a standby understudy for the Blue Man Group. He “blue himself” and waited until 8:01PM every night in case he was needed to fill in for a spot. After being disappointed each time, he would remove the makeup and be left in his infamous cut-off shorts.

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