Saint Brigid from Irish Wish

Saint Brigid (played by Dawn Bradfield) is the wish-granting fairy who transforms Maddie Kelly‘s life in the Netflix romcom Irish Wish.  The character is loosely based on one of the three national saints of Ireland.  In the film, Saint Brigid wears a green and maroon outfit with her hair wrapped in a silk scarf.  A green kurta will provide a similar silhouette and you can add details with maroon fabric paint.  Finish your look with a floral scarf and maroon flats.

Maddie Kelly from Irish Wish

Maddie is a character from the new rom-com film Irish Wish, and is played by Lindsay Lohan. Maddie finds herself in Ireland as she travels to attend her friend’s wedding. She makes a wish and wakes up as the bride-to-be.

Maddie’s wardrobe is a very fun and colorful one with lots of spring colors. To dress like Maddie wear a yellow knit sweater, a tweed dress with a green waist belt, or a multicolored plaid dress layered with a lighter wash blue denim jacket, cropped at the waist.

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