Sheryl Hoover from Little Miss Sunshine

In Little Miss Sunshine, Sheryl Hoover (played by Toni Collette) is Richard‘s wife and the mother of Olive and Dwayne.  She is also Frank Ginsberg‘s brother. Sheryl does her best to love and support and support her family, but they can certainly drive her nuts sometimes.  Sheryl wears a skirt with large, abstract flowers, and sensible slip on sneakers.

Frank Ginsberg from Little Miss Sunshine

In the film Little Miss Sunshine, Frank Ginsberg (played by Steve Carell) is a gay man and an unemployed Proust scholar who has recently attempted to take his own life. Frank’s sister Sheryl and her family take him in while he takes the time to get back on his feet. Frank wears a light pink shirt and white trousers, and has bandages on his wrists from his time in the hospital.

edwin hoover from little miss sunshine

Edwin Hoover from Little Miss Sunshine

Alan Arkin plays Edwin Hoover in Little Miss Sunshine. Edwin is Richard‘s father and is currently living with his family after being kicked out of his nursing home for selling drugs. Edwin has a special connection with Olive, who he is helping prepare for the Little Miss Sunshine Pageant. Edwin wears light blue jeans, a leather vest, and fanny pack.

richard hoover from little miss sunshine

Richard Hoover from Little Miss Sunshine

In Little Miss Sunshine, Richard Hoover (played by Greg Kinnear) is the son of Edwin, the husband of Sheryl, the father of Olive, and the step-father of Dwayne.  Richard is extremely Type A and hopes to become a professional motivational speaker and life coach.  Richard wears khakis that too long for him, bulky sneakers, and his cellphone clipped to his belt.

Olive Hoover from Little Miss Sunshine

Abigail Breslin plays Olive Hoover, a little girl with dreams of becoming the next Little Miss Sunshine. With the other contestants being so heavily made up, spray tanned, and pageant trained, she seems out of her league. But when she gets on stage, Olive puts on a show to remember.

Dwayne Hoover

Dwayne Hoover is an angsty teenager who hates all men except for Friedrich Nietzsche. He takes a vow of silence, communicating only by notepad, until he can fulfill his dream of joining the Air Force.

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