Detective Miles Hoffman from Stumptown

Detective Miles Hoffman (played by Michael Ealy) is an intense and dedicated detective at the Portland Police Department who is quickly pulled into both the personal and professional life of Dex Parios during a kidnapping case. On the TV show Stumptown, based on the comics, Detective Hoffman is one of the more fashion-forward characters, wearing business casual plain clothes as he tracks down the city’s criminals.

Grey McConnell from Stumptown

On Stumptown, a TV show based on the comics of the same name, Jake Johnson plays Grey McConnell. Grey is an ex-convict who has turned over a new leaf and now runs a legitimate business. As the owner of the bar Bad Alibi and best friend/one-night stand of Dex Parios, Grey often finds himself helping Dex with her P.I. work and struggling to stay away from the life of crime he once knew. Grey wears comfortable clothing suited to a longtime bachelor and bartender.

dex parios from stumptown

Dex Parios from Stumptown

On the TV show Stumptown, based on the comics of the same name, Dex Parios (played by Cobie Smulders) is a sarcastic Portland private investigator and ex-Marine. With a complicated past and little tolerance for dwelling on it, Dex can usually be found avoiding talking about her feelings with a drink in her hand. Dex’s style mostly revolves around well-loved vintage t-shirts, slim fitting jeans, and practical footwear.

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