Arturo Santiago from The Casagrandes

Arturo Santiago (voiced by Eugenio Debrez) is the father of Bobby and Ronnie Anne in the animated series The Casagrandes.  Arturo begins the series living in Peru and communicated with his family using video calls.  Later, he moves closer and takes a job at a verterinary clinic near his children so he can see them more often.  Arturo has dark hair and a beard and often carries a stethoscope.  He wears a light green t-shirt, blue pants, and red and white sneakers with tall white socks that have an orange stripe.

Maria Santiago from The Casagrandes

Maria Santiago (voiced by Sumalee Montano) is a character from the animated series The Casagrandes.  Maria is the divorced mother of the Santiago children, including Ronnie Anne and Bobby.  She is also a nurse.  Maria has dark hair that she wears in a low bun and her work uniform includes light blue scrubs, a white long sleeved shirt, and whtie shoes.

bobby santiago from the casagrandes

Bobby Santiago from The Casagrandes

Bobby Santiago (voiced by Carlos PenaVega) is Ronnie Anne‘s older brother in The Casagrandes.  Bobby and Ronnie Anne began as supporting characters in the Nickelodeon series The Loud House before taking on main roles in the spin-off.  Bobby is relaxed, easy-going, and protective of his younger sister.  Bobby has dark hair and a few wisps of hair on his chin.  His outfit consists of brown sneakers, blue jeans, and a cream-colored t-shirt under a green plaid button-down left unbuttoned.  He also wears a black belt with a gold buckle.

Sid Chang from The Casagrandes

Sid Chang from The Casagrandes

In The Loud House and The Casagrandes, Sidney “Sid” Chang is a bubbly new girl who befriends Ronnie Anne. She’s of half-Chinese descent, has freckles, and a birthmark on the bottom of her foot in the shape of Abraham Lincoln.

Ronnie Anne Santiago from The Casagrandes

Ronnie Anne Santiago from The Casagrandes

Ronalda “Ronnie” Anne Santiago (voiced by Breanna Yde and later Izabella Alvarez) is one of the main characters in The Casagandes and was originally a supporting character on The Loud House. She is tough as nails. Most of the time. She does have a soft spot for her friends though and doesn’t handle it well when others are mean to her.

Although Ronnie is a tried-and-true tomboy she seems to love the color purple. A lavender hair tie and lavender socks go well with black cuffed shorts and purple slip-on shoes. A purple zip-up hoody completes the look of this fun-loving prankster!

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