Morag from The Loud House Movie

Morag (voiced by Michelle Gomez) is the main antagonist of The Loud House Movie.  She is the caretaker of Loud Castle where Angus is the groundskeeper when the Loud family visits.  She does not appreciate their antics, and becomes even more upset when Lincoln becomes Duke of Loch Loud.  Morag wears a blue dress with a white lace neckline, a drab green jacket, fishnets, and burgundy boots.  Her hair is brown with grey streaks and worn in a large bun.  You can style a ponytail wig and use grey hair mascara to create streaks in it.  You can also use a bustle to make your backside appear fuller, as Morag’s does in the movie.

Angus from The Loud House Movie

In The Loud House Movie, Angus (voiced by David Tennant) is the groundskeeper of Castle Loud.  He meets the Loud family during their family trip to Scotland in The Loud House Movie.  He appoints himself as Lincoln‘s right-hand man when he is appointed Duke of Loch Loud.  Angus has brown hair and a bushy mustache.  He wears a kilt, sporran, and tall socks with flashes.  The rest of his attire consists of a tan plaid shirt, an olive khaki vest, and dark brown shoes.

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