Tyler Joseph's alter ego Blurryface is well known because of the Twenty One Pilots hit "Stressed Out". He represents all of Tyler's insecurities and feelings of grief.

Blurryface Costume

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  1. The only thing that I do not like about Twenty-one pilots is their appearance. Just can’t get the idea of dirty hands and neck or eyes circled in red. They are of my age but their appearance reminds me 15 years old emo. I think that their stylist has to work on it. I also do not understand their appearance on last AMA
    But music is not bad. The most I like Lane boy I hope it is not the peak of their creativity, just beginning. Tickets to the Twenty One Pilots tour are sold out for a few months ahead but hope that they planning some extra concert in NYS!

    • Well, if you knew anything about the character, you’d know why he has black hands and a black neck. You obviously know nothing about them, so really you have no right to judge them. You shouldn’t be whining about their appearance looking emo. They will look how they want to look. the stylists had nothing to do with this outfit. It was all Tyler. He created the character,the costume, everything. So I’d appreciate it if you weren’t so ignorant as to label them emo and then complain about it when you obviously searched this up or at least clicked on the picture when you saw it on the website just to complain. Blurryface is Tyler’s fear, his anxiety, his depression and dark thoughts. That’s why he has red eyes and black hands and a black neck. As for his fashion sense? Get over it. He looks great. I’m betting you just can’t handle change.

  2. Derpy Piplup August 6, 2017 Reply

    Don’t forget the red theatrical contact lenses. Needed for a better cosplay. But the rest is spot-on.

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