Colt Seavers from The Fall Guy

Colt Seavers from The Fall Guy

Colt Seavers is one of the main characters in the new film The Fall Guy, and is played by Ryan Gosling. The Fall Guy is a brand new action-packed film that follows a stuntman named Colt Seavers who has to track down a missing movie star while still doing his day job. His love interest in the film is Jody who is working on her directorial debut.

To dress like Colt in his stuntman blue uniform, wear navy blue coveralls and paint the top portion with turquoise or a lighter blue fabric paint, and use letter stencils on the front and back to label as the stunt team. In his iconic white and gold look, wear brown and gold stylish sunglasses, a cream vest that mimics the shape and look of a stunt vest/harness, metallic gold jeans, tactical brown boots, and a cream shirt. Use black fabric spray paint and brown fabric paint to create the distressed and dirty look to the costume. You could also try a pre-made vest and shirt of the costume. Using your own pieces that are cream instead of white gives it a aged look without having to dye the full pieces.

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