Jack from White Noise

Jack is the main character from the film White Noise by Noah Baumbach, and is played by Adam Driver. The film is based on the original 1985 novel by Don DeLillo. This story follows college professor Jack Gladney and his family as they’re faced with “The Airborne Toxic Event.” They’re forced to evacuate their home and ultimately face their fear of death throughout the film and we see how each of them cope with this in their own ways. Jack is married to Babette and is a character that is passionate about his work, curious and eager to learn, and mild-mannered.

Jack has a strong contrast between some of his costumes in the film. When he is at work and giving lectures, he has a kind of persona that is almost theatrical, wearing a black doctorate robe paired with sunglasses which gives him a certain confidence in teaching. Outside of work, he dresses casually with a blue 80s windbreaker and always a funky patterned shirt.

Frances Ha

Frances is played by Greta Gerwig and is the main character from the film Frances Ha, directed by Noah Baumbach. The film follows Frances as she navigates living in New York. We watch her face adulthood and try to achieve her dreams of becoming a dancer, but she seems to fall behind the people her age in areas like having her own apartment, a stable job, and being okay with not living with her best friend Sophie that achieves this before she does.

This film is entirely in black in white, but her personality still shines through in what pieces Frances chooses to wear. She is a big outfit-repeater, usually wearing a floral dress with leggings underneath, her signature bomber jacket with a fur collar, and without the jacket she wears a white cardigan around her waist to make her stand out against the also-gray background she’s in. When she gets her office job with the dance company in the end, she dresses professionally in a knee-length skirt and the white button down we see her wear previously that fits perfectly into her new look.

Molly Davidson from Booksmart

Molly Davidson is from the movie Booksmart, and is played by Beanie Feldstein. Molly is one of the two protagonists of the film, the other being Amy Antsler, her best friend. This comedy takes place at the end of their senior year, where they attempt to experience things they haven’t in school like partying, but all in one night before graduation.

Molly wears fun layers in her outfits that really show us her personality. She is put together, very smart and accomplished but also outgoing and hilarious. She wears a smart turtleneck sweater but in bright yellow, a green plaid blazer and trendy skirt with tights. In her matching blue coverall jumpsuit with Molly, she personalized it with a handy leather fanny pack and patterned neck scarf.

Rusty Martin from Viva Las Vegas

Rusty Martin is a character from the 1964 film Viva Las Vegas and is played by Ann-Margret. Viva Las Vegas is a musical film following Lucky Jackson as he prepares for the first Las Vegas Grand Prix and needs an engine, but he loses his money after meeting Rusty and has to earn it back to make the race on time. This colorful film reflects the charm of both Vegas and Hollywood tropes in both the sets and costumes.

Rusty’s costumes are very bright and summery with with lots of red and yellow pieces. In her iconic dance class scene, she wears tights and a red shirt, which you can re-create by wearing a red mock neck top with sheer black tights and black spandex shorts over them. She has two different swimsuits, one being the bright all-yellow outfit with a yellow one piece, yellow cover-up and white pointed kitten heels. Another is a red one piece with buttons down the top. And finally when she goes out dancing with Lucky, she matches his yellow blazer by wearing a yellow sleeveless scoop neck dress.

Manny from Swiss Army Man

Manny is from the movie Swiss Army Man by The Daniels, and is played by Daniel Radcliffe. Manny is an animated corpse that has washed up on the shore where Hank finds him. Hank has been stranded on a deserted island and runs into him, and throughout the film helps him find the motivation to survive. Hank teaches Manny how to be a person again and through it, questions his old ways and learns about himself.

Manny wears cool tones in comparison to Hank, who wears warm ones. He wears lots of blue like his two piece suit and tie. He of course is also very dirty and his clothes are worn from being washed up on this island. This can be replicated with any kind of brown acrylic or fabric paint to add to the clothes to make them look distressed.

dudley do-right

Dudley Do-Right

Dudley Do-Right (voiced by Bill Scott in the cartoon from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show and played by Brendan Fraser in the live-action comedy) is a lovable member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  Dudley means well and works hard, but is perhaps not the sharpest tool in the Mounties’ shed.  When creating your Dudley Do-Right costume, you’ll first want to make sure you start with the signature red jacket worn as part of his uniform.  The original cartoon iteration of Dudley also has a red hat, black boots, and blue pants that puff out around his hips.  The live-action version wears striped pants, brown gloves and boots, a tan hat, and a cross-body holster.

Dee Reynolds in The Nightman Cometh

Dee Reynolds is a character in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. In the season four finale, Dee stars in The Nightman Cometh, a rock opera written by Charlie. She performs the role of the princess, which with the apron, seems coded for The Waitress. After her duet with the little boy, performed by Dennis, she improvises a song called “Just to Be Clear” to convey that she is not interested in children, and most men would rate her an eight or nine out of ten.

Recep İvedik

Recep İvedik

Recep İvedik (played by Şahan Gökbakar) is the titular character of the 2008 Turkish comedy film and its many sequels.  At the beginning of the series, Recep takes up residence in a luxury hotel after finding the owner’s wallet and attempts to win back his childhood love.  Recep’s most prominent feature is his dark unibrow, so don’t skip out on that aspect of your costume.  You might not be able to find an exact match for his brightly-colored shirt, but any bold orange striped button-down can work.

julius and vincent benedict from twins

Julius and Vincent Benedict from Twins

Julius and Vincent Benedict (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, respectively) are the unlikely title characters of the ’80s comedy Twins.  When Julius, the result of an experiment designed to create the perfect man, discovers he has a twin brother, he goes in search of Vincent, a petty criminal who is his exact opposite in almost every way.  The characters wear multiple costumes throughout the film, but some of their best looks are those they choose to match.  You can emulate their twinning style with a pal by choosing a short sleeve button-down with a busy print reminiscent of the 80s paired with a light-colored suit, brown boat shoes, and basic sunglasses.

deirdre beaubeirdra from everything everywhere all at once

Deirdre Beaubeirdra from Everything Everywhere All at Once

Deirdre Beaubeirdra (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) is an IRS worker and sometimes antagonist in the film Everything Everywhere All at Once.  Deirdre is a bit of a stick in the mud and puts pressure on Evelyn and Waymond Wang when she audits their laundromat.  Deirdre becomes an enemy of Evelyn when another version from a different universe who is loyal to Jobu Tupaki jumps into her consciousness.  Deirdre has a blunt haircut and wears a gold turtleneck and grey trousers with a yellow vest over top.  To get the colors to match more closely, you can cut the arms off a yellow crochet cardigan.