Gwen from Total Drama Island

Gwen from Total Drama Island

Gwen (voiced by Megan Fahlenbock) is one of the original contestants on Cartoon Network's "reality show" Total Drama Island. She is, at first glance, the stereotype of an emo girl. But as the series progresses she sheds the stereotype and is show to be a much more fleshed-out character.

Gwen's signature is her emo look. So dark hair with teal streaks and dark clothes are a must. She is usually shown wearing a black corset, black mini skirt with teal paneling to match her hair, black leggings, and tall black boots. She also wears a short-sleeve blue bolero shrug over longer green sleeves.

Finding a shrug like hers - or a skirt - is a little tricky. So green compression sleeves and a blue shrug can replicate her top while you might have to find fabric that matches your wig and add some fake panels onto your miniskirt to complete this look.

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