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Captain Melonhead from Ed Edd and Eddy

You don’t want to mess with Captain Watermelon. Beloved hero that he is, you’ll have the whole neighborhood after you. And that’s if Captain Watermelon doesn’t take care of you himself. Though he sounds like Johnny 2×4 (voiced by David Avalon), don’t get confused. He’s way tougher and is not afraid to take you on.

Getting Captain Watermelon’s swagger is a little hard to do but getting his look is pretty straight-forward. Start with a fake watermelon, the kind used for decorating. Cut that in half, hollow it out, and add in some eye holes and you’re ready to go! Or you can go for the watermelon helmet option.

With your trusty watermelon helmet ready, finish off the outfit with a white sandals, white pants, and a yellow shirt. A bleach pen will make it easy to draw in the lines on the shirt for a closer screen match. And of course you don’t want to forget plank. Blue paint for his mouth and a white banana decorated with eyes turns him into a great sidekick for the courageous Captain Watermelon!

Inuyasha the Dog Demon from InuYasha

Inuyasha (voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi in the original Japanese and Richard Ian Cox in the English dub) is a half-demon and the titular character of the InuYasha anime.  Before he is sealed into the Sacred Tree of Ages, Inuyasha falls in love with Kikyō, and later marries Kagome Higurashi, who is Kikyō’s reincarnation.  Inuyasha looks mostly human, but does have small fangs, extended claws on each finger, and a set of white dog ears that protrude from his long silver hair.

professor paradox from ben 10

Professor Paradox from Ben 10

Professor Paradox (voiced by David McCallum) is a time travelling professor on the Cartoon Network show Ben 10.  Professor Paradox forgot his true name long ago and adopted his current moniker after escaping from an alternate reality.  Professor Paradox has two main costumes; a simple modern design with a lab coat, green goggles, brown vest, black tie and slacks, and then a more elaborate look that includes a metal gauntlet, riding boots, and walking stick.  Both designs use the black pants and vest, and you can add accessories to these pieces in order to emulate the version you are interested in replicating.


Lion from Steven Universe

Lion is a recurring character in the Cartoon Network show, Steven Universe, whom once belonged to Rose Quartz. When Lion died, Rose was able to resurrect him through her healing powers, resulting in his pink fur and magical abilities. Such magical abilities include a pocket dimension, portal creation, and a loud, powerful roar. Eventually Steven finds Lion and befriends him too, making him an ally of the Crystal Gems. Use the pale pink face paint all over your face, and then burgundy face paint to draw the heart shaped nose. While we couldn’t find a pink lion’s mane, it only requires a bit of DIY. For the mane, get some hot glue and adhere the craft fur around the circumference of the cat ear headband. Attach a tuft of that fur to the end of the cat tail and you’re all set!

Dr. Amino frm Ben 10

Dr. Animo from Ben 10

Dr. Animo is a mad scientist. And you can take that just about any way you want. He’s angry. He’s reckless with his science. And, well, his conversations with his stuffed mutant toys are a little involved. Voice by Dwight Schultz, Dr. Animo is no fan of Ben or his family. And he will stop at nothing to mutate the whole world until it fits his vision!

Dr. Animo has several different costumes but they all share a similar base. A dark grey tank top and brown pants that tuck into tall black boots. Two boot options are listed above, one that is more of a riding boot and the other is a pair of rain boots. Each has its uses depending on where you’re going to wear the costume and which works better for your needs.

In addition to that base you’ll need tall black gloves that you remove the fingertips from and either a silver circlet for your head or a colander that you can make antennae for using tin foil. The foil won’t create an exact match but it’ll get you close without needing a welder! He has other gear including a headset and a chest harness that you can get close to using the items listed above.

Other versions of Dr. Animo wear a long green cape over a bare chest instead of the tank top and chest harness. You’ll have to tatter the edges of the cape by hand, however.

Lars Barriga from Steven Universe

Lars Barriga is a minor character in the Cartoon Network show, Steven Universe. He formerly resided in Beach City as an employee at the Big Donut. He was in a relationship with his co-worker, Sadie. Prior to his abduction to the Gem Homeworld, he was a normal human. When found dead, Steven resurrected him with his healing powers. As a result, similar to Lion, he turned pink and obtained magical abilities. Following his resurrection, Lars traveled the galaxy as a captain with the Off Colors, a group of misfit Gem fusions. He has the same goal as the Crystal Gems: to rebel against the Diamonds and protect Earth. In Steven Universe: Future, he returns to Beach City to visit Steven, and is at peace with his break-up with Sadie. A popular and widely accepted fan theory is that Lars is transgender. As you can see, Lars has many outfits to choose from, each representing a different point in his life. Featured are his human look, his space captain look, and post-series look.

Franz Hopper from Code Lyoko

Franz Hopper from Code Lyoko

In Code Lyoko, he might go by Frank Hopper but this ingenious scientist’s real name is Waldo Franz Schaeffer. He has had three voice actors and one live-action actor across different seasons and incarnations of the show. In this write-up we’re taking a look at his most common cartoon appearance since it makes for an easy and comfortable costume. Best of all, all of the pieces can be used either for day to day wear or for many, many other cosplays and costumes!

All you need to copy Hopper’s outfit is a brown turtleneck, black slacks, brown shoes, and a lab coat. Add in a shaggy grey wig and some costume glasses and you’re good to go! A quick note on the glasses: If you don’t like the frames listed above or they don’t fit properly, you can snag a pair of reading glasses from a store and remove the lenses. They will probably run you between $10 and $20 and are a versatile piece to keep in your costume or cosplay collection.

Goo from Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends

Goo is a character in Cartoon Network’s Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends. She is banned from Foster’s house due to her overactive imagination. Goo is rather odd, yet extremely talkative. Sometimes she can come off as obnoxious, but she is capable of being friendly, due to her energetic and playful attitude. To add to the look, style your hair in three braids with multicolor hair ties.

agent six from generator rex

Agent Six from Generator Rex

Agent Six (voiced by Wally Kurth) is the sixth most dangerous man in the world, the top agent at Providence, and the person assigned to protect Rex Salazar.  Six is a stoic man who wears a green suit and sunglasses.  While he wields a number of different weapons, his preferred choice are a pair of magna blades that fold up for storage.  He keeps these in his sleeves so they are readily available when he needs them.  Unless you can build a set of your own, you may have to settle for a pair of standard short swords instead.

george jetson from the jetsons

George Jetson from The Jetsons

On the cartoon sitcom The Jetsons, George (voiced by George O’Hanlon) is the husband of Jane and father of Judy and Elroy.  Though he is a loving and devoted family man, he often finds himself and his family in ridiculous situations because of poor decisions he has made.  George’s outfit consists of a white shirt with popped collar, green belt, and blue pants.  By trimming a Ziggy Stardust wig, you can achieve George’s trademark orange hair.