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Albedo from Ben 10

Albedo (voiced primarily by Yuri Lowenthal) is a recurring villain from the Ben 10 franchise.  Albedo is a Galvan alien, but appears human in form.  This transformation was the result of a failed bid to turn himself into a clone of Ben Tennyson.  Albedo’s look is very similar to Ben, but with inverted colors.  As such, he wears a black t-shirt and grey jeans with a red and black jacket.  To easily recreate the circular patch on his jacket, you can use a white circle-shaped sticker and simply draw the number with a Sharpie marker.

Sara from Over the Garden Wall

Sara (voiced by Emily Brundige) appears in episodes nine and ten of Over the Garden Wall.  Sara is a classmate of Wirt.  She serves as her school mascot and both Wirt and Jason have a crush on her.  Sara’s Halloween costume is an interesting mash-up.  She wears a Nasa bomber jacket over a clown jumpsuit and her face is painted to resemble a skull.  To recreate her look, you may need to get a little creative, as an exact replica of her jumpsuit is difficult to find.  If you’re willing to be flexible, a sleeveless jumpsuit might stand in place with the jacket and collar over it to disguise the change.  Otherwise, a dark-colored onesie might work instead, or you can DIY it a little with fabric paint and a plain, light-colored jumpsuit. If you don’t want to paint your face, a skull mask can work as well.  Many of the Nasa jackets available for purchase are much more flashy than Sara’s, so a plain jacket and a few patches may be a better fit for her look.  The patches can be attached by sewing, gluing, or even using double-sided wall tape.


Anna Worthington

Anna Worthington is a character in Codename: Kids Next Door. She acts as secretary to James Nixon McGarfield, the class president of Gallagher Elementary’s fourth graders. Later on, she becomes his girlfriend. Because of her love for him, Anna is devoted to assisting Jimmy with his schemes. She isn’t a direct villain, but she can be cunning, possessive, and temperamental.


James Nixon McGarfield

James “Jimmy” Nixon McGarfield is an antagonist in Codename: Kids Next Door. He is the self proclaimed Fourth Grade President for Life at Gallagher Elementary School. It’s revealed Jimmy works for Father, the arch nemesis of the KND. He abuses his power as president until he is sent to permanent detention at the KND Arctic Base.


Numbah 19th Century

Numbah 19th Century is a character in Codename: Kids Next Door. As his name indicates, he was a KND operative from the nineteenth century. He was sent to Alamode to retrieve a secret cake recipe, but accidentally triggered a trap that froze him and many other KND operatives. In his honor, KND archaeologists search Alamode for the recipe, where Numbuh 19th Century was thawed out. While he still has heroic intentions, his values are very outdated.

amabel from victor and valentino

Amabel from Victor and Valentino

Amabel (voiced by Alex Cazares) is a character in the Cartoon Network animated series Victor and Valentino.  Amabel is in a band and serves as a friend and love interest for Xochi Jalapeño.  Amabel has a very punk-inspired look with heavy eyeshadow and an undercut.  If you’re not looking to shave your own head, you can braid or pin back the right side of a light pink wig to make the hairstyle as similar as possible.  It might be hard to find an exact match for Amabel’s dress, so focus on finding one in the same shade or with a similar silhouette to layer under your black cardigan.  Throw on some black booties and you’re good to go.

valentino calavera from victor and valentino

Valentino Calavera from Victor and Valentino

Valentino Calvera (voiced by Sean-Ryan Petersen in all but the pilot episode) is one of the titular main characters of the Cartoon Network animated series Victor and Valentino.  The half-brother of Victor, Valentino tends to be more mature than Victor.  Unlike his brother, Valentino excels more in artistic endeavors than athletics and he has a penchant for collecting various items.  Valentino has messy brown hair and wears an orange and red sleeveless shirt, white shorts, and brown shoes.  He also carries a blue satchel.  Finding an exact match for his shirt is unlikely, so look for shirts with texture or focus solely on either the red or orange, as either will look similar enough to the original.

victor calavera from victor and valentino

Victor Guadalupe Morena Laguna Calaca Calavera from Victor and Valentino

Victor Guadalupe Morena Laguna Calaca Calavera from Victor and Valentino (voiced by Diego Molano) is one of the titular characters from the Cartoon Network animated series Victor and Valentino.  “Vic” is Valentino‘s half-brother and is also friends with Xochi Jalapeño.  Victor can be impulsive and is shown to have a competitive streak.  Despite being much smaller in stature than Valentino, Victor is the more athletic of the two, with an affinity for soccer.  Victor has black hair and thick eyebrows.  If you want to darken yours, you can use a black eyebrow pencil.  He also wears a white shirt and tan shorts under a blue poncho.  You may need to be willing to trim the excess length from a poncho if you want to get the full look, though wearing a longer one will still work.

xochi jalapeno from victor and valentino

Xochi Jalapeño from Victor and Valentino

Xochi Jalapeño (voiced by Cristina Valenzuela) is a character in the Cartoon Network animated series Victor and Valentino.  A typically level-headed teenager, Xochi can be pushed to show her more aggressive side when taunted.  She is friends with both Victor and Valentino, though their relationship can be tenuous when the boys tease her too much.  She also has a crush on her friend Amabel.  Xochi’s typical wardrobe consists of a cropped moto jacket, green top, striped leggings, and white heeled boots.  She also wears two white bracelets, one on each wrist.


Jude Lizowski from 6teen

Jude is a main character in the Canadian cartoon series, 6teen. He is the laid-back skater type with a knack for extreme sports and pranks. Absent-minded and playful, he is usually the last of the group to show up or speak. His best friends are Jonesy and Wyatt.