adam driver

Jack from White Noise

Jack is the main character from the film White Noise by Noah Baumbach, and is played by Adam Driver. The film is based on the original 1985 novel by Don DeLillo. This story follows college professor Jack Gladney and his family as they’re faced with “The Airborne Toxic Event.” They’re forced to evacuate their home and ultimately face their fear of death throughout the film and we see how each of them cope with this in their own ways. Jack is married to Babette and is a character that is passionate about his work, curious and eager to learn, and mild-mannered.

Jack has a strong contrast between some of his costumes in the film. When he is at work and giving lectures, he has a kind of persona that is almost theatrical, wearing a black doctorate robe paired with sunglasses which gives him a certain confidence in teaching. Outside of work, he dresses casually with a blue 80s windbreaker and always a funky patterned shirt.

Kylo Ren

In Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) is a force-sensitive man who trained as a pupil of Jedi Luke Skywalker before turning to the Dark Side. He was born to Princess Leia and Han Solo

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