Alice in Distortionworld

Rotty from Alice’s Warped Wonderland/Alice in Distortionworld

Rotty (the small spotty one in the image) is a minor character in the video game Alice’s Warped Wonderland/Alice in Distortionworld.

He plays a very small part, as he only appears in one area, but he is a child-like character that is made of rotten bread, hence the name. There are other bread-men characters within that section of the game, but he is the only one that looks like that, the others are alarmingly buff.

Rotty has dark eyes (in game, though his chibi form looks a bit different) and his entire body is comprised of bread with several mold spots, and he doesn’t wear clothes (Ken doll-esque). The main prop-type piece he’s seen with, in the brief part of the game he shows up in, is a large fork.

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