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Tsuyu Asui from My Hero Academia (School Uniform)

Tsuyu (voiced in Japanese by Aoi Yūki and in English by Monica Rial) is one of the partial main characters in the anime/manga series My Hero Academia.

She is a student in class 1-A at UA High School, along with Izuku and the others, and is in training to become a pro-hero named Froppy. Her Quirk, Frog, lets her recreate frog-like behaviors, including sticky climbing, extending her tongue to extreme lengths, and camouflage, among many others. During the internships part of the series, she trained under Selkie, with the Oki Mariner Crew, who she also ended up teaming up with again while doing a work study under Ryukyu.

Tsuyu has very long dark green hair, that she generally ends up wearing tied in some sort of bow-type style, and huge eyes with black centers. Her outfit is the standard UA uniform, with the white button up shirt tied with a red tie, worn with a grey blazer with green and gold detailing, and the same tealy-green for the skirt. The rest of it is finished off with black, knee-high socks, and brown loafers. If you would like to see how to make her pro-hero outfit, please see this article here!

Krul Tepes from Owari no Seraph/Seraph of the End

Krul (voiced in Japanese by Aoi Yūki and in English by Monica Rial) is one of the major vampire characters in the anime/manga Owari no Seraph/Seraph of the End.

She is the queen of the vampires in Japan, and the one that turned Mika into a vampire to prevent him from dying, following her own plans.

Krul has very long pink hair, decorated with black wing-like accessory clips, bright red eyes, vampire fangs, and pointed ears. She wears a tiny black dress with detached frilly sleeves, and a black and red capelet-style skirt. The outfit is finished off with a lacy ribboned collar and knee high black boots.

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