aya hisakawa

Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon

Sailor Mercury [Ami] (voiced in Japanese by Aya Hisakawa and in English by Karen Berstein, Liza Balkan, and Kate Higgins) is one of the main characters in the anime/manga, Sailor Moon.

She was the second of the scouts to join under Luna’s guidance, very close to the start of the series. Ami is very technology based and uses that in her fighting style, with a pocket sized supercomputer that Luna gave her.

Thematically she is very blue, with short, dark blue hair and eyes in a slightly lighter shade, and her sailor uniform being the white base as the others, but with dark and light blue accents. She wears white elbow length gloves with dark blue cuffs, a solid blue choker, knee high dark blue boots with a light blue edge on them, and the same tiara headband as the others but with a blue gem.

Palutena from Kid Icarus

Palutena (voiced by Ali Hillis in the English version of Kid Icarus) is the goddess worshipped by Pit.  Also a playable character in Super Smash Bros., Palutena is the Goddess of Light and the true ruler of Angel Land.  She supports Pit on his quest.  Palutena has long green hair and is depicted in her most recent form wearing a flowing, strapless white dress.  In order to achieve a similar look, you can wear a white dress as your base (you may even want to take a pair of scissors to add the leg slit on the left side) and wrap a red and cream patterned shawl around your hip, fastened with a red brooch.  You’ll also want to pay careful attention to your gold accessories, including a crown worn over your green wig, plenty of gold cuffs on your arms, and a brown double-wrapped belt.  Lastly, a white sock on your left leg and a pair of tall gladiator sandals can complete your look.

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