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Ruby Sunday

Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) is a character inĀ Doctor Who. As a baby, she was abandoned by a cloaked figure outside the church on Ruby Road (hence her name). No information is known about her birth parents. Now nineteen, she lives with Carla and Cherry Sunday, her foster mother and grandmother. As Christmas approaches, Ruby starts experiencing one too many instances of bad luck. When her new adoptive baby sister, Lulubelle, goes missing, it’s up to her and the Fifteenth Doctor to save the day from the goblins.

Cosima Niehaus

In Orphan Black, Cosima Niehaus (Tatiana Maslaney) is a PhD microbiology student and one of several doppelgangers spread throughout North America and Europe that someone is targeting to kill. Tattooed, pierced, and dreadlocked, Cosima is the eccentric clone of the club.

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