bebe wood

Gretchen from Mean Girls (2024)

Gretchen is a character from the new 2024 musical movie Mean Girls, and is played by Bebe Wood. This new film is based on the Mean Girls musical, a live broadway show that follows the story of the 2004 film Mean Girls, that we all know starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams. Gretchen is a part of ‘the plastics’ which are the group of popular girls in school. She is known as the one that is insecure and loves gossip.

Gretchen’s costume, like the others in this new take on the story follow current trends. One look you could recreate is the look that features a brown patterned sweater vest worn over a white tee, and a matching brown scrunchie in her hair. Another is a light pink cardigan, a hot pink corset style tank top, and a pink printed mini skirt.

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