Beyonce from the 2024 Grammys

Beyonce recently released a new album called Cowboy Carter that is inspired by country music and the south that has of course been very successful online. Following her last tour for her Renaissance album, fans have already started creating looks for a possible new tour that have a western flare. One of the things fans love to do and share online are their recreations of Beyonce’s looks. In this I’ll be covering how to recreate one of the first all-western outfits she wore around promoting the new album at the 2024 Grammy Awards.

To create this look, wear a white cowboy hat, blonde wig, white button-down shirt, a black western bow tie at the collar, a black leather jacket or blazer, black leather shorts, and black pointed heels. To make this look even more identical take rhinestones and add them to the bow tie and jacket and shorts to replicate the checkered pattern. Rhinestones can be placed with black E6000 glue for the cleanest results.

Icona Shard from Just Dance

Icona Shard is a dancer in Just Dance who dances to “Telephone” by Lady Gaga and Beyonce. In Beyonce’s verse, she holds a red phone over her ear before throwing it away in frustration. There are some differences between both versions, such as her pink eyebrows and red lipstick. Trim the front of the wig with shears to replicate the blunt bangs. Affix the triangular gems on the black leotard using hot glue.

queen tara from epic

Queen Tara from Epic

Queen Tara (voiced by Beyoncé) is a character in the CGI animated feature Epic.  As the ruler of Moonhaven, Queen Tara was dedicated to her people and protecting the forest.  When recreating her look, it’s important to take a little care to layer a few pieces together to get as close to the original movie look as possible.  First, you’ll want to choose a skirt with plenty of ruffles.  Depending on where you’ll be, a shorter skirt may be more practical than one with a train that looks closer to the original.  A petticoat, which is normally worn under a dress, can be a good match.  For her intricate top, try layering a bolero shrug under a cold shoulder top with a more asymmetrical look.

Beyonce Hold Up

From Beyonce’s epic album Lemonade, “Hold Up” is a single accompanied by a music video in which Beyonce goes ham on multiple cars and security cameras. She must have enjoyed making this video more than any other.

Beyonce Single Ladies

Beyonce keeps it fabulous while singing this anthem for single ladies. She wears a simple leotard and accessorizes with some unique bling. If you’d like to take the look to the next level, grab two friends to complete the trio and work on those dance moves!

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