Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit (Bisky) Krueger from Hunter x Hunter

Bisky (voiced in Japanese by Chisa Yokoyama and in English by Tara Sands) is one of the key mentor characters in the anime/manga Hunter x Hunter.

She is the one that trains Gon and Killua to be stronger during their time on Greed Island, and was previously Wing’s mentor. She specializes in the Transmutation aspect of nen usage and is able to shift her form to her full size at will.

Bisky has long curled golden hair, that is initially worn in two pigtails before one gets damaged, and then she switches to wearing it up in a ponytail, with a pink ribbon tie. Her eyes are a muted pink, similar to the color theming for the rest of her look. She wears pink and white bell-skirted dress with a pink capelet over top, white loose wrist gloves, white ruffled socks, and dark pink mary-jane shoes.

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