Cheshire Cat

Cheshire from Alice’s Warped Wonderland/Alice in Distortionworld

Cheshire is a main character in the video game Alice’s Warped Wonderland/Alice in Distortionworld.

He, like most other characters bearing the same name, is both a guide to Alice and an annoyance. They spend most of the game together, getting into various harrowing situations both involving him and caused by him.

We never see him with his hood down, so his outfit consists of an extremely long floor length grey robe with very long sleeves, and a long thin red ribbon attached to a golden bell. The little we can see of his face with a large smattering of freckles, and an extremely wide smile with dirty, sharp teeth.

Boris Airay from Heart no Kuni no Alice

Boris (voiced by Noriaki Sugiyama) is the Cheshire Cat character in the Heart no Kuni no Alice/Alice in the Country of Hearts dating game series/movie.

He is one of the route options throughout the game series, and is an absolute menace to most of the other characters around him, particularly Alice and Pierce (the Dormouse). He’s very fond of riddles, and likes to work with machinery, crafting his own add-ons to weapons.

Boris has golden slitted cat eyes, and short and fluffy dark pink hair, with cat ears set to the sides. His outfit is color-matched to his hair, with a big pink striped boa, and pink zipper/border detailing on his black croptop and skirt/shorts combo, and a fluffy pink tail. He also has several gold jewelry accents, as well as black and pink gloves, matching striped socks, and white shoes with chunky black soles.

Cheshire Cat from Pandora Hearts

Cheshire (voiced in Japanese by Kappei Yamaguchi) is one of the important secondary characters in the anime/manga Pandora Hearts.

He is one of the main distinct Chains that you see in the series, and acts as The Will of the Abyss’s protector, as he cares for her deeply.

Cheshire has shaggy reddish-black hair (the color is a bit tricky as the coloring is very multi-toned in this series), with cat ears on top of it, sharp teeth, and one visible red eye. His entire outfit is a similar color to his hair, and he wears a detail accented long shirt with a red ribboned bell collar, black pants, pointed black shoes, a large belled scarf, and he has two long claw-sleeves, with a white-tipped tail to finish the cat-like appearance.

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