danny pudi

Brad Bakshi from Mythic Quest

Brad Bakshi (played by Daniel Pudi) is the head of monetization for the game developer in the Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest.  Unlike his co-workers, Brad has no interest in video games and instead is concerned only about money, which often puts him at odds with head engineer Poppy Li, how is more concerned with the game flow and playability.  He has also come into conflict with C.W. Longbottom after playing a nasty prank on the older man.  Brad dresses in business casual attire, preferring comfortable sweaters layered over his collared shirts.  His more preppy looks helps to set him apart from the creative development team members.

Inspector Spacetime and Constable Reggie

Inspector Spacetime and Constable Reggie appear in the fictional British sci-fi series, Inspector Spacetime. Very similar to Doctor Who, the Inspector and his companion, Reggie, travel throughout time and space in a telephone box. The show exists as a show within a show in the NBC sitcom Community, where Troy and Abed cosplay these characters to the Halloween party and at an Inspector Spacetime convention. No Inspector is complete without their constable, so grab your best friend for this duo cosplay!

troy and abed in the morning community

Troy and Abed in the Morning

In the comedy series Community, best friends Troy Barnes (Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino) and Abed Nadir (Daniel Pudi) host a talk show called “Troy and Abed in the Morning!” Usually filmed inside Group Study Room F, the show is in a typical morning talk show format. But of course Troy and Abed are poking fun at the genre. Their bromance is clear through their cheery sarcasm in this recurring segment adored by the fans of Community,

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