David Giuntoli

Nick Burkhardt from Grimm

Nick Burkhardt (played by David Giuntoli) is a detective in for the police department of Portland, Oregon. But more than that he is a Grimm. One of a long line of monster hunters who can see Wesen (German for ‘being’ or ‘creature’ and in this case a species of supernatural creatures that appear human to everyone but a Grimm) as they really are. Unlike other Grimm, however, Nick sees Wesen as people and potential friends. It upsets the usual dynamic between Wesen and Grimm. But that just might be for the best!

Nick is a modern Grimm and that is reflected in his wardrobe. And since he’s from Portland that means he dresses in layers. These layers usually start with a brown leather jacket. Under that he wears a dark button up over a lighter shirt. Standard blue jeans in a darker wash and comfortable boots finish off his look. When he’s on the job Nick always carries his badge and service revolver worn on a belt holster. And of course as a Grimm he has a ton of Wesen research available and you’ll want to keep some at hand as well!

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