David Wald

Ainosuke Shindo (Adam) from Sk8 the Infinity

Adam (voiced in Japanese by Takehito Koyasu and in English by David Wald) is one of the main characters and technically the main antagonist in the Sk8 the Infinity anime.

He is one of the three founders of “S”, along with Kaoru and Kojiro, when they were teenagers. He uses “S” as an escape from the political future that his aunts are trying to push him into, with Tadashi (his friend from childhood that taught him how to skate originally) as the only one in his household’s circle that knows his secret.

Despite having a heavily professional look while in the presence of his aunts, while at “S” he becomes a completely different persona, becoming ‘Adam’ over ‘Ainosuke’. His usually carefully brushed blue hair becomes spiked and wild, and his red eyes are hidden behind an ornate mask, obscuring his identity. He has a couple rather elaborate outfits while skating, though this is his main one. It’s styled off of a matador look, bright red with large amounts of detailing, with the whole thing being very skin tight. His elbow, shoulder, and knee guards are pointed, and he wears tall black boots with red soles and a matching red heart adorning the top.

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