dead by daylight

Haddie Kaur from Dead by Daylight

In Dead by Daylight, Haddie Kaur is a paranormal podcaster / investigator who has visited several sites that were related to the Entity of Dead by Daylight. Many different versions of her have appeared in the lore tomes of Dead by Daylight, covering her close encounters with the monsters of the Entity. Her style reflects her colorful yet practical personality, her white hair streak covered by blue dye, and loud patterned shirts with worn jeans giving way to a theatrical facade hiding how she is haunted by her past.

The Dredge from Dead by Daylight

In Dead by Daylight, The Dredge is the negative thoughts of every member of a 1960s American cult, consolidated into one Boogeyman-esque shadow monster. The Dredge, being non-human and a unique creation of Dead by Daylight, will be difficult to find parts for, but you can adapt some masks by cutting and reassembling them or by building them from scratch if you have the time/skill to do so.

Yoichi Asakawa from Dead by Daylight

Yoichi Asakawa from Dead by Daylight

Unlike many licensed characters in Dead by Daylight, Yoichi Asakawa is not plucked straight from The Ring (1998), but is instead found again over 20 years after he lost his parents to Sadako Yamamura (the original Japanese version of Samara Morgan). Now a brilliant marine biologist, psychic, and paranormal researcher, he finds himself once again haunted and hunted by the Onryo and must use his knowledge and abilities to protect himself and assist others.

Jonah Vasquez from Dead by Daylight

Jonah Vasquez from Dead by Daylight

Jonah Vasquez was born to a migrant farmer in Fresno, California who eventually earned enough to send Jonah to a good school. From there, Jonah discovered his gift for mathematics, which eventually led to a job code-breaking with the CIA. He worked hard, balancing his job with his personal morals. But his code-breaking eventually led him down a path that ended with him being taken into the realm of the Entity.

Being a mathematician, Jonah was less used to field work, and his wardrobe reflects that. His shirt can have the white painted on or be substituted for a purple and white hawaiian shirt to accent his laidback position.

Carmina Mora from Dead by Daylight

Carmina Mora from Dead by Daylight

Carmina Mora, aka The Artist, was a young artist and Chilean political revolutionary who grew up in a troubled home where it seemed like her only allies were the crows (which she did not realize were servants of the Entity of Dead by Daylight). She used her art to assuage the guilt of her younger brother’s death and to fight against political corruption and the disappearance of artists under their regime. Unfortunately, she and her friends were eventually kidnapped and tortured, Carmina herself getting her tongue and hands cut off. As she lay dying, the crows came to save her, only to swarm without mercy on Carmina’s tormentors and friends alike. Carmina ended up lost in her own guilt and now is crow-like in appearance, save for her inky hands, now the weapons of destruction for the Entity instead of tools to create and inspire.

A once beautiful and artistic woman, Carmina’s tight red dress is now torn and covered in feather-like leather pieces, which can be recreated by hand or by repurposing leather pauldrons. You can use liquid black liner to imitate the inky steaks on her face/body and latex gloves to imitate her inky arms.

yui kimura from dead by daylight

Yui Kimura from Dead by Daylight

In the game Dead by Daylight, Yui Kimura is a hardened street racer who defied her father and the expectations of others to race, eventually earning a following of young female fans of the sport. Now trapped in the realm of the entity, she fights for her life and others’ by any means necessary.

the doctor from dead by daylight

The Doctor from Dead by Daylight

Herman Carter was a member of the CIA’s Project MK Ultra, who built up a reputation using electro-shock therapy to procure intel during interrogation. When investigators finally came knocking, he was long gone. The Doctor was introduced in Chapter IV of Dead by Daylight, where he now continues his research in the Realm of the Entity, shocking survivors and sacrificing them. His costume consists of a standard lab coat, but his face is horrifyingly contorted and burned, making a latex mask the best way to recreate the look.

the spirit from dead by daylight

The Spirit from Dead by Daylight

Rin Yamaoka was the descendant of a samurai clan and a Kendo champion.  Rin’s ancestor Kazan is also a killer in the Dead by Daylight game.  After being murdered by her father, she swore vengeance against him. The Entity used her fury and hatred of her father to turn her into a killer for its never-ending games of cat-and-mouse. As the Spirit, she appears blueish in color, with white bandages and shards of glass embedded in her body. You can use a traditional sarashi or white gauze bandages to recreate her costume, and follow an FX makeup tutorial such as this one to add the glass details. Her shattered katana blade may be made by either breaking a prop katana, or carefully painting one to make it appear broken.

Mikaela Reid from Dead by Daylight

Mikaela Reid from Dead by Daylight

Mikaela Reid is the newest survivor in Dead by Daylight. A young witch with the gift of clairvoyance, she has visions of the horror of the Entity, before being pulled into its realm and thrown into the never-ending games of life and death. Fortunately, she still has some magic and can use it to see things others can’t and to bless boon totems, giving herself and her fellow survivors the strength they need to survive. She arrives in Dead by Daylight on October 19th.

david king from dead by daylight

David King from Dead by Daylight

A former rich kid, rugby player, underground fighter, and debt collector, David King now uses his tolerance for pain and willingness to fight for others to survive killers in Dead by Daylight.  Born as the only son of a wealthy family, David squandered much of his potential because of his combative nature.  When he mysteriously disappeared, no one who knew him was all that surprised, but they never could have guessed that he was now fighting for his life against killers looking to sacrifice him to the Entity.