Dwight Schultz

Dr. Animo from Ben 10

Dr. Animo is a mad scientist. And you can take that just about any way you want. He’s angry. He’s reckless with his science. And, well, his conversations with his stuffed mutant toys are a littleĀ involved. Voice by Dwight Schultz, Dr. Animo is no fan of Ben or his family. And he will stop at nothing to mutate the whole world until it fits his vision!

Dr. Animo has several different costumes but they all share a similar base. A dark grey tank top and brown pants that tuck into tall black boots. Two boot options are listed above, one that is more of a riding boot and the other is a pair of rain boots. Each has its uses depending on where you’re going to wear the costume and which works better for your needs.

In addition to that base you’ll need tall black gloves that you remove the fingertips from and either a silver circlet for your head or a colander that you can make antennae for using tin foil. The foil won’t create an exact match but it’ll get you close without needing a welder! He has other gear including a headset and a chest harness that you can get close to using the items listed above.

Other versions of Dr. Animo wear a long green cape over a bare chest instead of the tank top and chest harness. You’ll have to tatter the edges of the cape by hand, however.

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