Eva Feiler

Killjoy from Valorant

Killjoy (voiced by Eva Feiler) is an Agent in the Valorant video game.  Born Klara Böhringer, Killjoy is originally from Germany and a nominee for the Distinguished Inventor award.  She is the fourth person to join the VALORANT Protocol after Brimstone, Viper, and Omen.  Killjoy has medium-length dark hair and round-framed glasses.  She wears distressed skinny jeans, a cropped yellow coat, a green beanie, and grey t-shirt.  Her accessories include green high-top sneakers, a fanny pack with green thigh harness, and a grey bandana.  She also wears black gloves that are missing the pinkie and ring finger, which you can cut off a regular pair of gloves in order to make your costume.  If a replica jacket seems a bit steep in price, a plain puffer coat with do just as well.

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