haley lu richardson

Hadley Sullivan from Love at First Sight

Hadley Sullivan is from the new Netflix film Love at First Sight, and is played by Haley Lu Richardson. Love at First Sight follows Hadley and Oliver who are on the same flight from New York to London and fall in love with each other on the plane. They lose each other at customs and try throughout the film to find eachother again.

Hadley wears trendy and casual outfits, as well as a formal dress, all in warm colors. In one look she wears an orange crop top, with a red sports bra or tank top underneath with stacked silver necklaces. The most iconic look from the film however, is an all red dress which can be recreated with a red velvet tank top, a red layered tulle skirt, a petticoat to add volume, and don’t forget a pair of green Nike sneakers.

Portia from The White Lotus

In season 2 of The White Lotus, Portia is socialite Tanya’s personal assistant, accompanying her on a ritzy vacation to Sicily. This Gen Z’s fashion, or lack thereof, has gotten plenty of notice, with actor Haley Lu Richardson explaining it reflects the character’s own lack of identity. Her colorful outfits feature plenty of knitwear, which makes sense since Haley crochets goods available on her Etsy store, HookedByHaleyLu, on the side.

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